Agata Grzybowska (b. 1984) photojournalist based in Warsaw. Graduated from the Direction of Photography at the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz. 

Since 2012 Grzybowska works as a photojournalist for the biggest newspaper in Poland „Gazeta Wyborcza”. She has co-founded photographic collective inPRO ( focused on development of press photography and photojournalism. 

She received Young Poland 2017 – Polish Ministry of Culture grant for young artists. Since 2015 she has been working on her personal project about melancholy and loneliness/solitude „9 Gates of No Return”. The project will be closed with a book publish by BLOW UP PRESS, the publisher of „doc! Photo Magazine”.  In March 2017 she realised, together with Bartek Wasik and Robert Migas, a project „Kocham Lublin Szanuje. Harmony of the city”. The project was commissioned by the Teatr Stary in Lublin on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Lublin city. 

In 2015 her photography taken during „Black Thursday” in Kiev won The Picture of The Year 2015 at BZ WBK PRESS FOTO Competition. She also won the first prize for single picture in the category Events at the same competition. In 2013 she won second prize in the category Photocast, for her work "Kill the gay" at the Grand Press Photo Competition. The same year, together with writer Wojciech Karpieszuk, Grzybowska won the Obsverver Prize at Student Journalism Competition MediaTory.

Her works have been nominated for many prestigious awards, including the Grand Press Photo (2014) and Amnesty International (2013).

Grzybowska travels across the world depicting people in difficult, often life-threatening situations. She has worked in Syria, Uganda, India, Egypt, Romania, and the Ukraine. While working, her principle is to get as close as possible to the human being in the centre of the story.

Her work has been showed at Royal Castle in Warsaw, courtyard President’s Palace, Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk, The Wilson Shaft Gallery in Katowice, The Old Brewery in Poznan, The Galery FF - Forum Of Photography in Lodz, Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest.

Awards and Recognition:

2015 - BZ WBK PRESS PHOTO 2015 Picture of The Year 2015 

2015 - BZ WBK PRESS PHOTO 2015 1st prize in category General News 

2014 – Grand Press Photo - nomination in category Events

2013 – Grand Press Photo - 2nd prize in Photocast category for „Kill the Gay”

2013 – Amnesty International’13 - distiction

2013 – MediaTory Student Journalism Awards - „Observer Prize”

Selected Exhibitions/Projects:

2016 - '9 Gates and Any Back’ - project about melancholia and loneliness

2016 - FORGOTTEN BY WORLD - exhibition documenting the conflict in eastern Ukraine - European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk

2015 - FORGOTTEN BY WORLD - exhibition documenting the conflict in eastern Ukraine - Royal Castle in Warsaw

2015 - ROOTS & FRUITS - Wroclaw Contemporary Museum during TIFF FESTIVAL

2015 - Collective exhibition BZ WBK Press Photo in The Wilson Shaft Gallery in Katowice 

2015 - Collective exhibition BZ WBK Press Photo in The Old Brewery in Poznan

2015 - Collective exhibition BZ WBK Press Photo in he Galery FF - Forum Of Photography in Lodz

2015 - Maidan - collective exhibition on the anniversary of Maidan in Presidential Palace in Warsaw

2014 - Screening of photocast ’Record’ which is a documentation of revolution in Kiev during the "Container Freedom" project in different cities of Polish 

2013 - Collective exhibition Grand Press Photo 2013 in Warsaw

2010 - IN/OUT Exhibition of PWSFTViT diploma works in the Fabrystrefa Gallery in Lodz

2010 - COME ON! COME CLOSER! Exhibition of the best works of the PWSFTViT photography department students held in the Art Propaganda Centre in Lodz

2009 - Romania, a Country Of Friendly People - exhibition in the Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest

2009 - FREED - exhibition during the Multimedia Festival - The Art of the Document, presented at the Royal Route  in Warsaw